A tribute to Bach

“Magdalena Malec produces an astounding variety of timbres on the harpsichord: impressive virtuosity in Alessandro Scarlatti’s Toccata, galant, almost heartfelt sentiment in two sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti and highly expressive chromatic harmony in Gesualdo’s Canzon francese del Principe. Magdalena Malec constantly accentuates the dance-like, graceful and cantabile character in Bach’s sound world with sparkling ornaments and glistening chords, also exploiting dissonant leading notes to create tension. The harpsichord teaches us the essence of listening, and this young performer demonstrated this, much to the delight of the audience.”

Monika Willer, review of Magdalena Malec’s harpsichord recital at the Klavierfestival Ruhr in Schloss Hohenlimburg for Der Westen (16/06/10)

Perfection, Brilliance and Musical Enthusiasm

“This morning, Maria Uspenskaya and Magdalena Malec, 1st and 2nd prize-winners respectively at the 2010 Leipzig International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition (harpsichord category), gave a sold-out concert in the Zimeliensaal in the Museum of Musical Instruments. In the “Excellent!” concert in the Bach Festival series, both musicians demonstrated their excellent ability as soloists in works by composers including Bach, Scarlatti and Gesualdo da Venosa. Highlights included Corelli’s Concerto Grosso in D major, arranged for two harpsichords by Magdalena Malec, and Bach’s Concerto in C major, BWV 1061a for two harpsichords. The technical perfection, brilliance and musical enthusiasm of both artists was greeted with long-lasting applause.”

Review of the “Ausgezeichnet!” concert at the Leipzig Bach Festival for Bach News (18/06/2011)

An impressively mature performance

“With two orchestral compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the orchestra, Capriccio Basel, demonstrated its awareness of how to make captivating music: they were delicate and light, but always lively in the Andantino and played with dance-like subtlety in the Allegro, where the perfection of the organist, Magdalena Malec, with her brilliantly sparkling solo runs, was impressive.”

Eugen R.A. Rauber-Holle, review of the concert by the Capriccio Basel Baroque Orchestra in Egerkingen for the Newspaper Thal-Gäu (22/06/10)

Beautiful homage to Bach’s eldest son

“The concert which the Freunde Alter Musik Basel organised, held in the Grosse Saal of the Music Academy, was a special occasion… Magdalena Malec and Magdalena Hasibeder demonstrated both musical maturity and perfect ensemble playing in a lively interpretation of the Concerto à due Cembali Concertati in F major [by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach]. In the Allegro, the refined sounds literally seemed to dance. Then the flow broke off, and both musicians brought out the music through the figures. They played the Presto with drive and virtuosity, bringing out the nuances of the music.”

Review of the Freunde Alter Musik Basel concert celebrating the 300th birthday of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach published in the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung (03/12/10)

Colourful Family Portrait

“Urbanetz, Malec and Martinez throw themselves into the music-making with virtuosity and drive, uncovering the entire spectrum of moods in the music of the Forqueray family… Magdalena Malec is always at her most effective where virtuosity is required, such as in the interwoven scales in La Leclair, where she articulates each note and trill with precision. She spreads the mysterious arpeggios of the sarabande La d’Aubonne beautifully, evenly and clearly. Even though the Forqueray family must have been temperamental, their difficult personalities as characterised in the music are entertaining, especially when they are conveyed so well by the performers.”

Christine Lanz, review of the CD The Forqueray Family for Concerto Journal, August/September 2010